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As we all know, women mostly do not spend as much time to take care of their lingerie due to lack of time. At Sneak a peek, we believe it is important to care for your beautiful purchases so that it will last longer. Below are a few care tips that are simple enough to do without taking much of your time.


-       Your delicates should be hand washed and line-dry


-       Occasionally, you can use the gentle cycle of your washing machine, only if you are washing your delicates using a washing net.


-       Hand wash your bra daily to remove dirt and oil from the bra fabric that has been accumulated during the day.


-       Never put your bras in the dryer. Bras are made with elastic and sensitive fabrics. It will distort the shape of your bra.


-       Alternate your bras each day. Wearing your bra for more than a day in a row will cause damage to it due to the heat from your body that will stretch the  fabric when it is warm.


- Stack your bras in your drawer and never invert one cup into another as it can make the cups bumpy and shortens the life of your bra.


To keep your bras in shape and for extra protection, use a travel bra bag.


Here are some common washing care symbols to follow.

Hand wash only
Do not tumble dry
 Do not dry clean
Do not iron
Do not bleach
Line dry



Full cup

  • Full cup bra covers the entire breast and makes a bra look larger than it is. It gives support and keeps the shape of the breast. Full cup bras tend to be stylish and sexy depending on the fabric used. It will not cause a crease or indentation along the top of the breast.


Mold cup

  • Mold cup is seamless and virtually disappear under t-shirts and form-fitting tops.


Half cup

  • Shows three quarters of coverage of the breasts. Gives support and gives a more youthful looks. Ideal to wear with any clothing including low cut tops and dresses.


Push up

  • Gives lift, cleavage to the bust and enhance the look of your outfit.


Racerback bra

  • Design to allow maximum movement of the back and arms.




Underband is too tight Try to adjust the hook placement or increase the band size. Underband leaving red marks on your skin means it is too tight.
Straps dig into shoulders Loosen the straps. Often, it is loosen halfway. There should be just a slight tension.
Overflow of breast tissue from cup Increase the cup size or increase the band size.
Underband digs into the base of the cup

Adjust the hook placement or increase the band size. It should be fitted comfortably and not too tight.

Back underband rides up The band should be just below your shoulder blades. Lenghten your straps or try a smaller band size. Back underband is important to support the breasts.
Breasts are sagging Tighten the straps or try a smaller cup size. A full cup bra is best to support breats that sags.
Centre lifts away from the breastbone Increase the cup size. The centre/cup should sit smoothly on your breasts.

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